A 2D version of Dead Space


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H is a freeware indie game with 2D graphics similar to 8-bit video games, where you play the role of an explorer in a dark space station. The game shares many similarities with the Dead Space saga, especially in playability and graphics.

The game combines the gameplay of platformers with the action of a shoot 'em up where you'll have to cautiously move forward while taking down enemies and rationing your weapons. In fact, your initial weapon has limited power and a slow reloading speed, so you'll have to be careful with the number of shots you fire.

Among H's most interesting features are the possibility to level up your character and upgrade its features, save your game in specific parts of the level, and unblock hidden items on the map. These features, along with its attractive plot, make it an experience that's both tense and entertaining. Don't let its old-fashioned graphics fool you, H is a great action/horror game.
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